About Us

Herbal Wise Ltd., have been in business since 1989. One of the foremost herbal companies in Europe they have weathered two recessions and are still going strong. 

The animals health has always been paramount to the business. We understand that high level sport horses have to be treated for a lot of various ailments while the pony in the field is no less deserving. We have something in our product range to cover everything that a horse can throw at you. 

We source GM free and organic herbs from the continent, our supplier is one of the foremost in organic growing. We try our best to locate the most beneficial herbs for our products. We use maceration for our herbs, combining them with water and cider vinegar to give the most potent extract of tinture. They are then pressed hydraulically to get every last little drop of goodness out of the herb. Once combined the herbs will help all sort of health problems. 

Some herbs take longer than others to mature, while the season they are picked at can make them lighter or darker in color. Our products color can change due to this. It is entirely natural and nothing to be worried about. 

If you have any questions at all or an ailment not covered by our product list please just contact us. 

Herbal Wise Team