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A&R is especially designed for the older horse or pony that is getting stiff and sore as old age approaches. The herbs that are combined within this product are there for the well being of the older animal.

A&R has several benefits, it will help sore joints and muscles but also soothes the nervous and digestive systems so they can have a optimal life getting the most out of it. The product also contains natural source Glucosamine and Chondroitin which along with the herbal extracts gives a fabulous well-being tonic. 

One 1 litre bottle will last one horse approximately 28 days. We suggest to monitor the dose as some may need a slightly heaver dose from 15mls to 20mls twice daily. As this is a natural product it does not effect the animal immediately, and may take up to 10 days for the effects to be seen.

Contains: Glucosamine, dandelion, celery, yarrow, meadowsweet and willow bark. 

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